• Invader Scipy


    April 5, 2014 by Invader Scipy

    I'm bored and on chat and waiting for someone to come on so if you wanna chat you can join me. :P Ok bye.

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  • Invader Scipy

    Taking Requests

    April 4, 2014 by Invader Scipy

    I need ideas so I'll be taking requests. Just tell me  a shipping you would like to see. Or, if you want me to continue an unfinished story, or want me to write something for one of my characters, I can do that too. I'm currently thinking of something about Gart but I need a title. It's basically about him as a kid. Remember, there is a PG-13 limit, so nothing inappropriate.

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  • Nursebelle23

    I'm back guys....:D (this is not an april fools joke)

    Normally I'm on my phone, so I can't submit fanfics/blogs stuffs here, but here's my contacts

    heaven-kent on tumblr

    iamheaven_kent on twitter

    halokent on insigram

    nursebelle23 on youtube

    and a few others....:3

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  • Toadpr

    The villain!

    November 4, 2013 by Toadpr

    witch one of these pouplar user are most likey to betray the wikia i'm noting saying i just want to know!

    and the people i'm voting on please do not edit this of who is it!

    1. Invader scipy

    She is the founder of the wiki and she is the clever smart one,and i'm sorry but she does makes some crazy comment [I'm sorry to say that scipy but it's true].




    [If you look closey you can see my name in orange]

    I know that i can be alittle unhonest and i can be alittle crazy but i am one of the first people who came here and the last admin in the wikia.


    Robopacker is very kind and indeed helpful and is a little crazy when she is mad,but she does have very few enemies  luigi is his only enemy.


     he/she or whatever gender or…

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  • TheLiegeOfWryverns


    October 6, 2013 by TheLiegeOfWryverns


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  • Invader Scipy


    August 22, 2013 by Invader Scipy

    I've been working on  a mystery lately. I'm collecting votes to know who stole the bacon.

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  • Invader Scipy

    New Wiki

    July 9, 2013 by Invader Scipy

    I have been a founder of three wikis, as you may not know, but those who do know about my creatoins, as I wil call them here for no specific reason, know I have been on SMLNGTBPMNFVG Wiki, and also here. I'd assume you'd be wondering Where's the third? It has not been very active lately, but soon it will be ready.

    Now, as most people would, I asume you have questions.

    Can I create an OC?

    Of course you can! I've tried my best for freedom, but all fanfiction shall be kept as a blog, or otherwise roleplaying on the talk pages. This roleplaying style is preferd to be same as that of NightClan Roleplaying Wiki.

    Can I Create a page?

    Perhaps....If you ask me first. Or, if you see red links, you may create the page for the link. If unfirmiliar with the…

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  • Toadpr

    YAY for 100!

    July 9, 2013 by Toadpr

    I have maded 100 edits YAAAY! but as now a admin i vow to use my powers repondably, and maybe just act silly for some reason,and also then i can do almost anything!

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  • Invader Scipy

    I challege us to get to 100 pages by July 7th. Whoever makes the 100th page will recive something special. Can we do it?

    Remember to categorize your pages wheb creating them.

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  • Toadpr

    What i could do

    June 23, 2013 by Toadpr

    Let's see what will i do here:

    • Make a female versions of Robot,Ogo, and Perry.
    • Make a male version of Spitfire,and maybe J.D.
    • And that's about all!
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  • Invader Scipy
    • musicians start playing music*

    Meistenia: It's strange to think the songs we used to sing *levitates a bit* the smiles, the flowers, everything, is gone. *slow, long flap*

    Wisardstar: Yesterday I found out about you, even now just looking at you, *sad-like eyes, flicks her tail* feels wrong.

    Meistenia: You say that you'd take it all back, given one chance, it was a moment of weakness *another long flap*

    Wisardstar: And you said yes. *claws the ground*

    • both stand next to each other* You should've said no! *both shake their heads* You should've gone home! *they point away from them* You should've thought twice 'fore you let it all go!

    You should've known the word, of what you did with her! *both point to each other* Meist: Get back to me! W.S:Get …

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  • Invader Scipy

    Draft 01-Songfic

    June 14, 2013 by Invader Scipy

    I'm doing a songfic, Here is a draft:

    JD: Once upon a time, and few mistakes ago, I was in your sights, you got me alone,

    Crystaline and Gears: You found me, you found me, you found me-e-e-e-e

    Crystaline: I guess you didn't care, and I guess I liked that, cause when I fell hard, you took a step back,

    JD and Gears: Without me, without me, without me-e-e-e-e

    JD: And he's long gone, when he's next to me, and I realize,

    Crystaline: The blame is on me.

    All: Cause I knew you were trouble when you walked in, so shame on me now, flew me to places I've never been, so you put me down, oh! I knew you were trouble when you walked in, so shame on me now, flew me to places I've never been, now I'm lying on the cold hard ground, oh! oh! trouble, trouble, troubl…

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  • RoboPackers

    Chapter 1

    Gart smiled as he kissed JD, "The way you smile, lights up my day" Gart said. Spitfire, Monster, and Robot bursted in. "JD YOUR MAKING A BIG MISTAKE" Robot yelled. "SHUT UP ROBOT" Gart yelled. "PLEASE ROBOT JUST LEAVE" JD yelled. A Blue and yellow bird watched them. "WHAT IS THAT THING" Monster asked. "WHO ME" bird asked. "Yes you" Monster said. "Names NOYB" The bird said. "NOYB" monster said. "YES IT STANDS FOR NONE OF YOUR BUSSINESS" The bird yelled. "Why are you here" Robot yelled. "I'M HERE!!!!!!!!" Bird yelled. The bird began to glow, it transformed into a huge blue and yellow dragon. "I'm here because i'm disgusting you mechanicals falling in with organics, its horrible with those hybrids Cyborgs. "So i came here to make a l…

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  • RoboPackers


    Ivy steped into the room. "Here some FREAKING RULES" She yelled, into Robot's face. DON'T TOUCH MY INVENTIONS, DON'T EAT MY BACON, STOP AWNSERING MY CELL PHONE!!!!!!! AND LOOKING ON MY TEXT MESSAGES" she yelled. "AND MONSTER STAY OFF MY BED, YOU CAN BACON CRUMBS ALL OVER IT" she yelled. "Sorry" Robot said. "I'm getting ready for work" she snapped. "Where you working at" Monster asked. "THE FLIPPING LIGHT FACTORY" She yelled. "Wheres the Flipping Light Factory" Monster asked. "Monster I think she means the Blinking Light Factory" Robot said. "No then she would of said the blinking light factory" Monster said. "No crap Robot, and yes Monster I do mean the Blinking Light factory" Ivy yelled. "But Ivy next time, you shoul…

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  • German Otaku Person


    June 11, 2013 by German Otaku Person

    Yay! Who doesn't like crossovers? I'm going to be doing a Homestuck crossover for this site!

    The post-scratch trolls and beta kids find themselves lost. Not that that isn't the most unusual thing for them, but they're in a world, maybe even timeline, that they've never even seen before. Now they're going to need to find a way to get back home.

    • Aradia/Sollux
    • Tavros/Vriska
    • Kanaya/Rose
    • Terezi/Dave
    • Feferi/Robot (BECAUSE I CAN)
    • Jade/Monster (ALSO BECAUSE I CAN)

    • Karkat/Sollux
    • Tavros/Gamzee
    • Nepeta/Equius

    • Aradia/Vriska
    • Kanaya/Eridan
    • Terezi/Gamzee
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  • Invader Scipy

    Need Help

    May 26, 2013 by Invader Scipy

    The users are barely editing on here, if you look at them as one giant community. Nevadabell is doing fine. AeonXBorealis has written a few blogs and messages, which is good, but where are the characters, shippings, and most importantly: STORIES! Nursebelle23 is testing, and I get that, but I haven't seen her in a long time. She's made a few characters, one shipping, but there are still no stories. I compare her pages to the Irken Empire wiki, where the pages have the history, which is fine, but the characters/shippings aren't used in stories, so the characters and shippings are the stories. PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior hasn't been on in a while. Probably testing. I've finished my tests. Well, most of them. Ave1997 was supposed to write GAJR, bu…

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  • Invader Scipy


    May 26, 2013 by Invader Scipy

    Read this:

    I'm bad at giving instructions. Snap Winsome: You're on camera.

    So we were talking about......

    Nevadabell, I really need you to help with the new users who don't know how to do things yet. I can't take it anymore! By the way..where is Nursebelle? I guess she's either doing homework or *growls* deviantart. I don't hate the websire, it's just the layout is really annoying.

    • Following a trend of my friends* If we stop Global warming, we stop Global Dimmang, and then...we die! But if we don't stop Global Warming, we eventually die. And even if we survive that, the Sun will eventually blow up. And that means....VICTORY FOR ZIM! Oh no! (talk) 00:20…
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  • AeonXBorealis

    I don't mean to be rude or anything, but the bright yellow backgrounds in the formatting is extremely jarring and unpleasant...Please darken the yellow or change it to a more neutral color. 

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  • Invader Scipy


    May 18, 2013 by Invader Scipy

    I'm working on promoting the wiki, and I'm going to make a collage. I'm going to use some of your photos. I'm not using your character, just using them to show off the wiki's characters. I hope I don't upset you.

    Invader Scipy, Signing off!

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  • Invader Scipy

    Incase you haven't noticed the blazing yellow, the theme was changed to look better for spring and summer. It's close to the end of May, and it's time for the end of the year! I wish you all luck on your end of the year tests! Happy Summer!

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  • Invader Scipy

    Hello Nursebelle23, Nevadabell, PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior, AeonXBorealis, or any other user that's veiwing this. You might be wondering why I used your full user names. I just did that because it was easier to link them and you haven't commented on the blog post yet while I'm writing this. I have thought of two new projects that we can try to work on.

    First, based on my Romance Novels and Children blogs, I have made the project:

    This project is where we each take at least one child from the children I drew from requests and name him/her. Then, we give him/her a personality. We also try to make "Junk Shippings" for each pairing that has children, but no ship. (Junk Shippings: Ships made as a joke or just to be there, not to exist in actual sto…

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  • CalzoneManiac


    May 12, 2013 by CalzoneManiac


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  • Invader Scipy


    May 11, 2013 by Invader Scipy

    I will be taking requests for drawing the children of any two characters. Allready completed drawings:

    JD&Gart (one named)

    Gizmo&Grandma (unnamed)

    Gart&Mecha (prototypes for Nursebelle23)



    If you want any children drawn, let me know in the comments.

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  • Nursebelle23

    hi guys! It's me, Nursebelle23~or the Nurse as most of you call me. Well, it might be a while before I can get the stuff done for the group(background, etc) because my 31 day trial ran out I IDK how to get a new one/replace that one...should I uninstall that or....?

    Also, if you guys are interested, there's a new story coming up on my Deviantart Page , so watch out for that...I MIGHT be putting up my two comics, chance and izzy and Dave if anyone wants me to...

    Im out!

    ~The Nurse

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  • AeonXBorealis

    "The Argus Butterfly" has been, in a sense, a collaborative effort between Cartuneslover16 and I. Though, it's not quite a collaborative effort in the classic sense. The core idea and concept are, indisputably, the brainchildren of Cartunes: Within the story, Robot's biological mother is Nicole Watterson from the Amazing World of Gumball. Eventually, Cartunes intends to write her own version of how this strange scenario plays out and amasses to. So, "The Argus Butterfly" is actually one of two potential stories. Why I call the effort collaborative, though, is that Cartunes and I have brainstormed and, a few times, she's proofread sections of the story and given me advice on how to proceed. I hope to do the same for her when she writes her …

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  • Invader Scipy

    Romace Novels

    April 28, 2013 by Invader Scipy

    Time for the new project....Romance Novels! This is where you pick ANY romance shipping, ANYTHING that you like, and write a story about it. This is done every year to write a story for all story-less or low-story ships. The rules are:

    • The story must be at least 3 5-sentence paragraphs.
    • The story cannot be longer than 3 "chapters" with twenty sentences each.
    • If it is not a canon ship or your own fanon ship, read the page first and do not write a story where the shipping is completely changed.
    • Do not put in memories from the shipping unless they are significant events (first date, breaking up, etc..) or within 5 days of the time the story takes place in.
    • Don't write something like this: "A 10-year-old Gart walked down the road, remembering the t…
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  • Invader Scipy

    There are barely any pictures on this wiki!!!! I think that every shipping should have it's own picture, and to make this wiki look better, when we go into the category Shippings, we should see a variety of pages in the subcategories. I only see these two in that section:

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  • Invader Scipy


    April 26, 2013 by Invader Scipy

    I think it will be easier if we could tell each other what to call each other, so we don't have to type in each other's full user name. So please comment and say something like "You can call me ....." Thanks! :)

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  • Invader Scipy

    Vallentine's Day

    April 16, 2013 by Invader Scipy

    No Vallentine's Day is complete without one of those good old canon romance shippings, written when the characters where kids. I will start next year's Valentine's specail as soon as I can. It will be created in February. It will be a nice GAJR story, next year I will give a user the job of making the next specail. Pictures are recomended.

    Happy Shipping!

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  • Invader Scipy


    April 10, 2013 by Invader Scipy

    Hello? If your reading this, please note that WE NEED MORE USERS BECAUSE I'M THE ONLY ONE ON HERE!!!!!! Thank You.

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