Chapter 1, Human?

Robot Woke he turned his head, and saw Monster his Brothr Gart, and his Mother Arpa lying on the ground. "They're Awake" Somone said. Robot looked at his hands, "My hand, It's weird, I have One Two Three Four Five, fingers" Robot said. Robot sat up, feeling his face, "I'm Organic!" he screamed. "EXCUSE ME" A girl snapped. "I'm Sorry, Names Robot" Robot said. "I'm Zoei, I saw you guys crush land here, you Ok" she said. Robot Smiled at her, "I'm fine" he said. "Wow, I'm taller" he said. "Right?" Zoei said. A small eevee run to her, "EEVEE" eevee snapped. "WHAT IS THAT THING" Robot snapped. "Oh this is Eevee, she a pokemon" Zoei said. Zoei Explained to Robot whats Pokemon. Everyone else Woke up, "Why are we looking like this" Arpa snapped. Zoei explained to them about Pokemon. "You should go to Professer Miura she give you Pokemon, she not like the other Professers, she hads more than Three Pokemon, to give to you" Zoei said. Zoei raced to the forest "Follow me" she called. Robot chased after, he was getting used to his legs, as he ran. "Professer Miura they need pokemon" Zoei said. "Ok come here" Miura said. Robot with up to her, "Ok, pick, Snivy, Torckic, Mupkip, Eevee, or Treekco" Miura said. Robot walked closer to Snivy, "Hello Snivy" Robot said. Snivy turned his head, and tried to use leaf blade on Robot, "Snivy" Snivy snapped. "Not Snivy" Robot said. Treekco, lowered his head, as all the Pokemon laughed at him. "I can related to Treekco, so I choose Treecko,  Monster smiled, "I'm going to Get Torckic, i'm going to Name Her, Flare" Monster said. "Gart you Want one" Zoei said. "Snivy, because he Hates Robot" Gart said. "I pick Eevee" Arpa said. "Care for a Battle Robot" Gart said. "Sure" Robot said. "Snivy use Vine whip" Gart yelled. Snivy swung his vines at Treekco. "Treekco dodge it and use pound" Robot yelled. "Snivy dodge and use Leaf blade" Gart screamed. Snivy charged at Treekco. "Treekco, jump in the air, and use bullet seed down, on Snivy" Robot screamed. Treekco shoot bullet seed at smashing Snivy into the ground,,

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