Asylus is a ancient creature from hell that is summon when you say Mista,Aile,xdisaster


Asylus (2)

Asylus front part

Asylus is an reptile creature that haunts your nightmares and has a crystal necklace of power that can control any matter in the universe,He talks in a deep accent and is quite intelligent he can control the mind of anyone of you stare directly at his demon-red eyes,he can fly and use ultra teleport to anywhere in the universe he his the leader of the Omega shen [His own kind] and he is in role as an super villain,he is an fast fight he is quicker than the wind and know any kind of karate and firepower can has enough power to destroy a planet in one blast.


He is a 15 dinosaur-like creature he has fangs,he also can breath fire,float,blast lighting from his hands,and Has fighting skills.


  • Only Holy water can defeat him.
  • Or a cross.

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